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Having been a lifelong headache and migraine sufferer, a friend suggested I try chiropractic and recommended me to The Cat Hill Clinic. Jenny (the chiropractor) went through a very thorough examination and explained that stiffness in the joints in the top of my neck were most likely causing my headaches. The first treatment was a little nerve racking as I had never had manipulation before but she put me at ease and, once I had got used to the clicking sound as the joints released, the treatment was painless and relaxing. After a few treatments my daily headaches had stopped and as a bonus my neck and shoulders were feeling much more relaxed! I have been having regular chiropractic care for 5 years now and my headaches and migraines are so much better. It's nice to not have to pop a pill every time I have a headache, just a quick trip to the chiropractor every few months keeps me in check!

N. Harland

Thank you Jenny!! As a busy working mum and pregnant with my second baby I was obviously rushed off my feet and under lots of stress until one day I lifted my toddler and my whole back seemed to go into spasm. I had been successfully treated at the Cat Hill Clinic for back pain previously and so it was my first port of call with this problem. Jenny told me that during pregnancy the body releases hormones that relax the ligaments and soft tissue leaving the joints more prone to strain and injury. My spine and pelvis was under added postural strain because of the pregnancy and lifting my daughter was literally the final straw! I was in so much pain and Jenny was able to alleviate it by gently manipulating my spine and massaging the tight muscles. I instantly felt better but made sure I took it a bit more easy and continued to have chiropractic care throughout the rest of my pregnancy - Jenny has techniques to accommodate the ever growing bump! I would definitely recommend chiropractic care for any pregnant lady!

G Watts

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